Benavidez vs. Figueiredo Betting Tips: UFC on ESPN+ 27

Benavidez vs. Figueiredo Betting Tips by SBV

Benavidez vs Figueiredo Betting Tips is a main event title fight that will be hosted by UFC on ESPN+ 27 (Fight Night 169) between Joseph Benavidez and Deiveson Figueiredo. This fight will be aired on Chartway Arena in Norfolk, on Feb. 29. 

The most precious belt flyweight championship is currently claimed by earlier champions, Henry Cejudo, as he decided to relinquish this title. He wanted to defend his other bantamweight title.

What are the odds for the main event?

People’s speculations for this event are high as both fighters deserve this vacant flyweight title. Anything is possible as below are the odds for Benavidez and Figueiredo:

  • Figueiredo: +108
  • Benavidez: -130

* Odds may differ than given here

Tape’s Tale

Figueiredo (17-1-0) Deiveson “Deus Da Guerra” is currently carrying the title of the third best fighter in the flyweight division is made his way up to the division. He got five wins by submission and eight wins by knockout.

This legendry fighter has a striking accuracy of 52% and his grappling accuracy is almost 50% with strike defense of 56%. He also has a takedown defense of 59% with submission average 2.27 every 20 minutes.

On the other side is Joseph (28-5-0) with the title of an overall ranked fighter in the flyweight division.

He has claimed nine knockout wins and eight staggering wins. He is working hard in the ring for some time and also beat the previous flyweight champion. He fought with some of the top-ranked fighters in the field. He carries a striking accuracy of 34% with grappling accuracy of 30%.

He had a striking defense of 63% with 66% takedown defense. He takes 15 minutes in 0.60 submissions and 20 minutes in 1.45 takedown.

Who is the best?

Both fighters are “The best” in their fields and have impressive career achievements. But on paper, there are some subtle differences among them.

Their average flight time is 12 minutes but Figueiredo has a higher reach advantage of 68 inches matched to a 65-inch reach of Benavidez. Figueiredo’s knockdown ratio is 0.40 compared to him, which is 1.03.

In this fight, if we compare both the opponents, Benavidez is better at strike landing of 3.45 and strike landing of 2.54 but Figueiredo’s rate is 2.43 in landing and 2.15 in absorbing.

He is smarter than the other and knows well how to land his hits while protecting himself. He is more balanced while placing strike as 54 % in the opponent’s head and 26 percent to the body. While Figueiredo is at 69 percent strikes to opponents head while 28 percent to his opponent’s body. 

Who will win the Game?

Figueiredo can also be the aggressor here and this is the chance for Benavidez vs Figueiredo Betting Tips to playing it smart, as he has done this already in his previous fights. He should take out his opponents this far and should stick to what he is best at.

One thing that is a little concerning for is that he will definitely, and

We also think that Benavidez will most likely try to avoid a striking match as he is not as quick as Figueiredo. 

So, overall both are bets and have their strengths and weaknesses, both can make history in this fight by focusing on their strengths and working on weaknesses. Benavidez vs Figueiredo Betting Tips and this fight will last long, entire five rounds. However, we believe Figueiredo like always can find an opening and will use it to disrupt. He is also a great fighter and has the spirit to win in any situation.


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