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online Betting sites in India
Betting News 08-03-2020

Best Online Sports Betting Sites in India

If you like sports and follow it regularly and predict what will be the result, then why not monetize your predictions? Here are Sports Betting Sites in India A multi-billion-dollar Sports betting industry is expected to reach $120 billion marks by 2023. The popularity of cricket and sports betting is soaring in India day by […]

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Best Horse Race Betting Sites in 2020
Betting News 07-03-2020

Best Horse Race Betting Sites in 2023

Best Horse racing betting sites are very famous in the world. For Punters, It is a golden chance to make picks on the top best equines of the world.  Now, online betting is a huge business and it is not easy to narrow down the types of bets and decide which racebook it worth betting. […]

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Betting’s Industry Predictions 2020
Betting News 05-03-2020

Betting’s Industry Predictions 2023

Looking forward isn’t always easy and the same for the gaming industry. The impact of regulation on online betting is making a special quite mark across Europe and now we can’t always see what’s coming. The sports betting market has a wide option. But our predictions mentioned below are what betting industry is going to […]

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Top 5 Casino Sites in 2020 Offering Free Spins
Betting News 03-03-2020

Top 5 Casino Sites in 2023 Offering Free Spins

Are you able to make a pile from online casinos but afraid to stake real money? Don’t worry; you’ll still make cash playing free spins no deposit. Many casinos offer these free spins in order that you’ll taste the water before depositing your own money. They even allow you to win real money just twiddling […]

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Bookmakers that Accept Cryptocurrency (2020)
Betting News 03-03-2020

Bookmarks that are Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments and Withdrawals

We are gonna mention about the Bookmakers that accept Cryptocurrency. It is definitely an online currency and decentralized. All the cash within the US$ and therefore the UK £ in circulation isn’t all cash. It is quite 94% of the cash is merely in digital format. But now, we discover cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the most […]

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Top 5 Legal Canadian Sports Betting Sites
Betting News 01-03-2020

Top 5 Legal Canadian Sports Betting Sites for 2023

Sports betting is one of the highest-earning businesses around the world. If you live in Canadian, you must have an interest in online betting and online sports fixing. You will be glad to know about the top 5 Legal Canadian sports betting sites. Yes, It is legal to place a bet online on sports betting […]

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Fifa World Cup Final
Betting News 28-02-2020

LeTou CEO is expecting high from Fifa World Cup final during China-USA basketball match

Paul Fox CEO OF LeTou said that if the Chinese men’s basketball team plays the USA at the Tokyo Olympics this summer. Betting revenue in Asia will be on par with the Fifa World Cup Final. He further explained that there are two main reasons for his prediction The first reason. This event is being […]

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Canadian Sports Betting law
Betting News 27-02-2020

How can Michigan Force Its Neighbor’s Hand On Canadian Sports Betting law

A bill is filed to allow for Canadian sports betting law expanding in single-game wagering with an American twist. MP Kevin Waugh will tweak existing law to allow single-game betting as currently, Canadians can only bet parlays through legal operations. Canadian game association is behind this historical bill. The Canadian game association has estimated $10 […]

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Benavidez vs. Figueiredo Betting Tips by SBV
Betting News 27-02-2020

Benavidez vs. Figueiredo Betting Tips: UFC on ESPN+ 27

Benavidez vs Figueiredo Betting Tips is a main event title fight that will be hosted by UFC on ESPN+ 27 (Fight Night 169) between Joseph Benavidez and Deiveson Figueiredo. This fight will be aired on Chartway Arena in Norfolk, on Feb. 29.  The most precious belt flyweight championship is currently claimed by earlier champions, Henry […]

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