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Services Description

This site share information, reviews, news, and comparisons regarding betting sites and betting guidance. This is an affiliate website for betting information and we do not accept or facilitate betting transactions.


The Site’s privacy policy defines how an owner will publish the information and handle the location of the User.

Third-Party Websites

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The site owner will make sure that the information, content, and links provided on the location are accurate.
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You cannot hold the Owners liable for any damage or loss of any kind caused either directly or indirectly by the information, content, and links provided on the website.

Rights reservation

The Site and the Owners reserve all the rights regarding all information and content provided on the location including, but not limited to all or any copyrights, trademarks, patents, and other proprietary rights. The use of any of the Owners’ rights requires written permission from the Site or the Owners.

Infringement of copyright

If you believe as the User that any of the information or content provided on the location could also be inaccurate or constitute an infringement of copyright, you’ll notice the website owners following clause 11 of these Terms.

Queries regarding these Terms

If you because as the User have any questions concerning these Terms you’ll contact the website accordance with clause 11 of those Terms.

Contacting the location

Details of the way to contact the website managers could also be found on the subsequent page: Contact us button

Language of Terms

If there is any discrepancy between the English language version of Terms and a version in the other language, then the English language version shall be given preferences.

Enforceable Clauses

Any of the clauses contained within these Terms is not enforceable in the jurisdiction of the User, then such clauses might not apply.
In such an instance where a clause or clauses aren’t enforceable all other clauses in these Terms still apply.