Your Complete Guide to Online Sports Betting 2023

Complete Guide to Online Sports Betting 2020

Online Legal sports’ betting is expanding quickly in the US and around the world. If you are new in the betting filed, the SBV has covered you in the following article. You will understand the types of online sports betting and some common sports betting terms to place bets online on Sports Betting Vips:

TYPES OF online SPORTS betting 2023

If you curious about that how many types are there in online sports bets? Check out SBV’s complete guide to online sports betting 2023. Here we have explained the most known betting term below in this article. It includes parlays, teaser bets, prop bets, and all the terminology for online betting on sports.


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It links two or more betters to win the bet. In this game, the player must win all the betters in the parlay. On winning all the wagers in the parlay, the player wins a higher payoff. 

Straight Bet

It is a bet in which an individual better place bet on a game that will be determined by the money line.

Futures Betting

It is a bet in a better place on an event typically far in the future, as which team will win next year’s pro cricket championship game or pro football championship series.

Prop Bets

This betting system focus on the future outcome of events within a given game. These offered for marquee games of great interest. These include Sunday and Monday night games. An example of a prop bet is as Which team will score the first touchdown?

Teaser Bet

It is a type of cricket, football, and basketball bet game. Which the point spread can be adjusted by additional points in the player’s favor in more than one game. 

Round Robin Bet

In a round-robin bet a series of parlay play a single game in a single round. As a 3-team round-robin game consists of 2-team parlays.

Point Spread betting

The point spread is the online sports betting site. Most importantly margin of the point they present to the favored team that will win the game by to “cover the spread. They usually offer 11 to 10 odds. As an example, player A must bet $12 to win $11 for the total cash out.

Money Line Bet

This online bet represents the odds of a team winning the game outright without a point spread. As 100 means a player must bet $100 for every $50 he wishes to win.

Important Betting Glossary 2023

Action is a bet in sports but the added game is a new game or bets in a menu of wagering offering to accommodate punters.

Book – An institution that accepts bets on sporting events.

Buy the Points: It is the amount a better pays an additional price to receive a half-point or more in his favor in a point spread game.

Chalk means the favorite game or player.

Most Importantly cover means Winning by more than the point spread placed.

A dime means a $1,000 sports bet.

Dog means a looser in the game it is also a short form of the underdog.

A favorite is a team that wins an event and the first-half bet means a bet placed on the score in the first half of the game only.

Half-time bet is a bet placed in scoring in the second half of a game and handle means the number of bets taken.

Hold means the percentage of the house wins and Juice means the book maker’s commission.

Laying the price means the betting of the favorite by giving up points

Limit means the maximum amount accepted by the house before the game begins.

The line means the current odds or points spread on a particular game.

Longshot means a team considered to be unlikely to win.

A nickel means a $500 sports bet

Off the board is a game in which no bets are accepted.

Price means the odds or point spread.

Push means the contest ends with no winner or loser.

Round Robin – A long series of parlays.