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Sports Betting Vips (SBV) is a sports betting portal for beginners, experts and everyone who wants to get the latest news from the betting world. We started a few years ago, from sharing a betting website on our website. These reviews were developed out of an effort to offer punters all necessary information related to online sportsbooks. And this remained our primary objective to provide bettors regularly latest betting sites information to assist them to play at a safe and reliable sportsbook. We provide bettors to get a book that meets their needs and match their preferences.

The betting industry on the internet has evolved at fast speed since its inception but still very young as an online betting landscape is constantly shifting.

Technology advances, legislation challenges, new news sites and improvement in existing sites are taking place day by day. All this make difficult to stay update form what is happening around the world. Especially, it is very difficult to decide which site to follow and to which not follow. The leading site that is on top today may be no longer the best one in the following year.

That is why, we offer the most accurate, current and authentic information. We are here to tell you which betting site is best and safest to use and why we recommend it here.

We are here to find the site that is best for you, and we will guide you to get the most out of your betting experience.

Our Goal

We are here to serve you, save your time and efforts and help you to find all you need to about bet— which is the best site? The best offers, promotion, and techniques. SBV aims to provide the simplest way for punters to compare betting offers, betting sites and promotions of the top betting websites around the world.

SBV is managed by the team of professionals who are committed to making this website the very best it can be.

We particularly developed this site to add reviews for online sportsbooks, as well as for the odds to make special offers for the highest competition in the world. Champions League, Premier League, NBA, NFL, Rugby, Ice Hockey, and all other sports.

We just love sports betting and our only mission is to help online punters to maximize their odds of winning return from their wagers.

Make Bet on Us

With the experience of decades in the betting industry, SBV will offer you impartial information that you can trust blindly and we will help you to get the most out of your betting activities. We will guide you about the online betting sites and how can you bet online. No matter you are a fan of Cricket, Football, Racing or Golf, we have covered all the major betting offers.

Our team of professionals is consisting of sports enthusiasts and ready to help you with all online sports betting matters. They place bets at the top betting websites, give their expert reviews, provide predictions and will also guide you regarding betting tips to win.

SportsBettingVips.com is a complete guide to bet in all forums with online-focused betting. It is managed by a devoted team with the highest level of betting information and experience online.

To learn more of us, as who we are, why we are here and what we offer, our mission and plans, read the below article.

Our Mission

Our mission is very simple: To be the leading comprehensive source of betting information online.

For years, we have included much information, covering all the latest betting news, reports, and trends as well as amazing online betting guide in the SBV website.

We also set out our odds on various top online entertainment and sports websites to share bettors in formation to bet online. Our team of experts ranges from former athletes and coaches to statistical wonks our specialty is the blue-blooded love for sports betting.

With our mission to be the top of online betting resources, our ultimate goal is to equip you with expert betting information that is useful, irrespective of your experience level in online betting.

We are proud of our journey until now from a review focused site to a comprehensive platform, whose predictions and analysis has been publishing in online news weeks and betting journals.

What you will find at Sports Betting Vips (SBV)

We offer a highly comprehensive and well-designed website that provides information to get help in online betting.

We recommend the Top betting websites, listed in categories to make it easy for you. We also provide details reviews on online betting websites to our readers to get what the online websites have to offer.

Our reviews and predictions get to publish in various online news platforms and betting journals.

  1. Online Betting Sites Reviews: Our comprehensive information will enable you to find a reliable, reputed and lavish online bookmaker. We also provide promotions, online customer services, and best betting offers.
  2. Online sports predictions: Our reliable online sports predictions bring you the best information including cricket, soccer, football, and hockey. We will bring you the latest betting news, predictions, and odds ahead of every event.


Here at SBV, we are committed to offering all the latest online betting information for our readers:Complete detail about licensed and reliable online betting websites that operate in regulated guidelines.

  • Up to date statistics and online betting tips.
  • Expert’s predictions by industry experts.
  • Complete guidance on all sports.
  • Complete guide on online betting, how to bet online and get a victory.
  • Featuring Game care, Gambling therapy, and other betting operators.

We work committedly to ensure that all the information shared by us is real and up to date. However, there may be certain situations where things go beyond our control and we assume no responsibility for actions taken as a result of our site information. And always recommend carefully reading the terms and conditions before placing a bet on online forums.