Payment methods

At, you can use several Online Payment Methods. You can feel relaxed and can choose the one that is easily approachable by you.

List of fast payment methods

Credit Cards

We are offering an easy to use method for casino deposits. Most of the casinos are currently using Credit Card Payment Methods because people can have instant money transfer through this payment method. This method has also an advantage: you can’t withdraw money by credit cards, these cards only support casino deposits. These deposit and withdrawal methods are most trustworthy as there is no barrier.

Debit Cards

Are you looking for a fast and easy way for online betting deposits? Payment through debit cards is a perfect choice. It allows you to perform deposits directly from your checking account. Debit cards can perform transactions within 24 hours. While doing payment through debit cards, you should not be charged any additional fees.


wallets allow you to perform your casino payments more effectively. This secure deposit system keeps your personal information secure and safe. This is the digital system to receive and send payments. It makes payment easy. It allows users to send/ receive payments at any time.

Now, many casinos are using this online payment method to make their transactions fast and we are one of them. This payment method allows you to proceed with the transactions within 24 hours. This payment method claims unbeatable security for users. You can connect E-Wallets with your credit cards to have direct access to money.


This payment method resembles the wallet. This payment method allows you to save money in your wallet that you can further use for making online payments. We are offering this tested payment method to our site. You will find this way easy to use. At our site, you can get the advantage of using this secure payment method.


Skrill works as an online wallet to save your money to use for online payments in the future. We are offering this amazing payment method at our site. But before choosing this online betting payment method, make sure, what type of currency you wish to deposit. You just need to create your skrill account to start a deposit over here.


We know, you have heard about Paypal because this payment method is beyond the perfection in the e-commerce world. At our betting site, we are providing you the facility to do your betting payment through PayPal. This online transaction method has no flaws. This payment method is quickest and easiest for online casino payments.

Venus Point

This method of the transaction allows the involvement of third parties for sending and receiving online payments. Before using the method, make sure the particular platform allows you to perform transactions in your country. If the platform will restrict you to make payments, you will not be allowed to proceed with your further transactions.


EcoPayz was first introduced in early 2000 and now has become the most popular online betting payment method. It provides a licensed E-Wallet service that allows you to save your money in the wallet to further use for future online payments at the online casino. Through this payment method, you will get two options:

  1. Either you can do transactions through an electronic wallet


  1. You can get prepaid credit cards to directly link to your EcoPayz account to perform transactions

Paysafe Card

This transaction method is easy because it doesn’t need your credit card or bank account information to proceed with your payments. At this platform, you must sign up first to perform transactions. Sign up is totally free for newcomers. After Signing Up, get your purchased Paysafe card PINS to perform transactions. This payment is easiest because it allows you to do transactions directly by just typing your user name and password.

  • You can get Paysafe cards to pay in the form of credit cards
  • Paysafe app is also available to make your payment extra advanced

Bank Transfers

Do you wish to directly send your money to the betting company from your bank account? We suggest you use this easy betting payment method. This way of transferring money is too secure. The bank will directly transfer your money if you will have demanded money in your bank account. There will be no involvement of the third party.

  • This online payment method is risk-free as every country supports this online payment method
  • This method is safe
  • This online payment method allows maximum deposits

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments are the quickest ways for online betting payments. Most of the online payment methods have mobile apps that make transactions easy. You can perform transactions by some clicks. From the past few years, mobile payments are becoming popular because these methods are perfect for local online casino transactions. Let’s have a closer look at three famous mobile payment methods.


At online casinos, iWallet is perfect for the quickest and fastest deposits. This mobile payment method is usually applicable for the people of China, Malaysia and Japanese who are looking for the easiest methods for local online payments. This method works perfectly at their local stores.

This platform usually works as a cryptocurrency wallet with the help of a phone camera. It doesn’t have any additional requirements like cards and NFC readers.


This app has a lot of features. It is not only used for paying but also for chatting, and sharing, etc. This super App is used in China and the regions near it. A lot of online casinos use this platform for fast online payments.


When we talk about the most popular online payment methods, Alipay will always be on the top of the list.

  • This App is simple to use
  • It offers enhanced security system
  • Its fees are comparatively smaller than other betting sites


Due to the frequent use of Cryptocurrencies worldwide now it has become essential to introduce the payment methods that support transactions of Cryptocurrencies. At our site, you will have access to the use of Cryptocurrencies payment methods. Let us have a look, what are the currencies for which we offer payment deposit/withdrawal:


Bitcoin Payment Methods are essential to add for betting payments because bitcoins are becoming popular now. It supports fast transactions. This payment method doesn’t require any additional fees for casino deposit or withdrawal. This payment method is unregulated as neither government nor any bank will trace you for performing your payments.


Are you looking for the easy, secure and quickest means for online casino deposits? GoCash88 is the best online banking service. This payment method will directly access your bank accounts to make transactions possible. There is no need to visit your bank, this platform allows you to perform the overall transactions online. By just a few clicks, make your betting payments as fast as you can.

Zoom Payments

Zoom is the quickest online casino payment method that is used in Malaysia. This method of withdrawal is quick because this method involves the direct link with your bank account. This online payment method is not only used in casinos but also in many online money transfer fields. You just need to make a connection with your online banking portal to proceed with your transactions.

Choosing the right online payment method is essential

Our site is in the list of the Fastest Cash Out Site and we are offering the number of methods to make your casino deposits and withdrawal easy. We have introduced all the methods to in or out your money from the casino. It is up to you to choose the online payment method which is most suitable for you. Most people wish to know, how they can choose the best online payment method when they have a number of options?

Remember! Does it depend on What you want? For speed and privacy, Neteller or skrill is best. If you wish to follow simple and easiest methods, credit/debit cards are best to choose. For high-level security, Cryptocurrencies should be your perfect choice. Think wisely before choosing a particular online payment method. Try to choose the method according to your demands and needs.


> Is my money protected?

Yes, As we are the trustworthy site. Your money will remain secure. As you will deposit an initial amount to start betting, you will get sign up bonuses that can be further used for online payments.

> How quickly can I cash out my winnings?

This question is difficult to answer. If your payment methods are verified, it may take few days or may be weekends. You can pay a small tax on your payments to get your payments in few hours.

>Which payment method is best?

It depends on the benefit you wish to get from betting payment methods. Like if you wish to use easiest method of transaction, using debit/credit cards will be your perfect choice but if in your country, casino sites does not support credit/debit cards, you can go for other options too.

>Which payment method is fastest?

As compared to other online payment methods, master card is quickest and fastest.