How Can I Trust a New Betting Site?

trusting a new betting website

Trusting a new betting website is on one side betting is a fun game and very lucrative if you get it right – you can turn your money into a lot of money. For centuries, bookmakers worked hard to create a professional reputation. Bookmakers need to be a trusted member of the local community. To build their reputation, they have offices in neighbor-hood and they spend time in the local pub to stay in the business. Particularly online betting companies work very hard to build and maintain trust.


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They also advertise loudly with their sports sponsorships and feel proud of supporting teams and doing ethical business. Bookmakers want to be in business for a long haul. Selecting an online website that can fit your needs and one website you can enjoy is important. Here are few tips to decide, trusting a new betting website or not to help you find some of the best betting sites for our regular bets. 

Look for Website Downtime

During the peak betting hours check out the company’s website and watch carefully how fast that site loads. Check their website links to ensure that there are no technical difficulties.

Check Their Mobile Betting Apps

We all love internet surfing, and cannot be on our computers all the time. Try to see what other options that online sports website offers for placing the bet. Top betting websites offer smartphone and tablet betting. Also check, if any restriction associated with these alternative options to place your bets over the phone with an operator. 

Read Online Sportsbook Reviews

Besides the all above-mentioned precautions, check what are their other clients saying about them online? As you search when you select a team to bet, also search in the same way for online bookmakers. Try to find them as much as you can before placing a bet. Read their reviews online keenly.

Check for Their Minimum Deposits

Most importantly check for their first deposits that bookmaker requires opening an account on their website because online websites vary in their initial deposits ranging from 20 dollars to 100 dollars. Besides this always beware of the high initial deposits and there may be some asking for a little amount to make you their permanent clients.

Look for Extra Betting Options

Particularly, when you select a bookmaker, keep in mind that there are also betting alternatives that are not offered by every company. As offering bets on the casino, racebooks, lottery, poker rooms, and sports contests. Besides this, they also vary in quality. Consider your priorities first before placing a bet online. 

Look for Their Online Customer Services

Most importantly it is impossible to sit on hold for 15 minutes waiting for help. Check how that company’s help desk supports you by calling, sending an email or chatting with the company’s help desk and asking a fake question. That how you can test their quality. Do it before opening an account with them. Most call centers are located in offshore regions where English cannot be the first language.

Check You get Paid or not When You Win

Every effort of you will go waste if you do not get paid on your winning. Check their cashier page, most importantly all information on payment method and time to receive the mount. Mainly they offer payments through Money Gram, Western Union, check, re-loaded debit cards and bitcoin, look for these options carefully. 

Ease of Funding Bets will make a Difference

If you are paying using your credit card than thought it carefully because online bookmakers struggle with online credit card payments. The success rate is only 40 %. They do not accept American or visa cards usually because of legal constraints. Always chose from your top three choices. 

To decide whether or not to trust an online bookmaker most importantly uses your common sense. Carefully analyze the design of the website. For trusting a new betting website is to check for their license or they approved by any gamblers havens. Besides all this, there must be a red flag that can turn you away from the fraudulent. Question for absent contact pages and “About Us” data. Luckily, there are many online website companies that you can trust, so look for them and place your bet peacefully.