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Fifa World Cup Final
28, Friday February 2020

LeTou CEO is expecting high from Fifa World Cup final during China-USA basketball match

Paul Fox CEO OF LeTou said that if the Chinese men’s basketball team plays the USA at the Tokyo Olympics this summer. Betting revenue in Asia will be on par with the Fifa World Cup Final. He further explained that there are two main reasons for his prediction The first reason. This event is being […]

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Canadian Sports Betting law
27, Thursday February 2020

How can Michigan Force Its Neighbor’s Hand On Canadian Sports Betting law

A bill is filed to allow for Canadian sports betting law expanding in single-game wagering with an American twist. MP Kevin Waugh will tweak existing law to allow single-game betting as currently, Canadians can only bet parlays through legal operations. Canadian game association is behind this historical bill. The Canadian game association has estimated $10 […]

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